Area of Focus


Technology is changing the face of sports and entertainment, creating new opportunities for fans, sponsors, broadcasters, marketeers and even performance analysts. Northridge is playing a unique role in guiding clients through this rapidly evolving landscape.

Many ambitious technology companies want to stand out and grow within the competitive sports and entertainment industry but need industry-leading legal advice to cement their proposition, married with an innate understanding of the sector from working in it day-to-day.

As well as our legal expertise, we help clients to make connections from within our extensive network of athletes, teams, leagues, governing bodies, sponsors, agencies, investors and advisors. Our goal is to generate conversations which are beneficial to rights holders and sports technology businesses alike.

"The greatest compliment I can pay the team at Northridge is that they aren't like other lawyers. They understand our business and our industry. They don't tell me the law, they tell me what to do."

Alan Clarke
Co-founder and CEO, STATSports