Northridge is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment for all our staff and visitors.  An important part of that commitment is sharing our aims and key actions publicly.

Our aims

  1. To have a working environment in which all staff and visitors feel respected, equal, included and free to be themselves.
  2. To attract as diverse a field of candidates as possible, with a particular focus on ensuring equal opportunities for the Black, Asian and minority ethnic community, when recruiting for positions across the firm.
  3. To contribute towards increasing diversity across the legal profession.

Our key actions

  • We have one named member of our partnership, Ian Lynam, who is accountable for diversity and inclusion within the firm.
  • Ian is supported by a dedicated group of Northridge team members who meet regularly to monitor progress against our aims and communicate progress to the wider firm.
  • We have appointed two Diversity Champions, Jamie Feldman and Hannah Brunskill, with whom staff can speak to raise concerns relating to diversity and inclusion.
  • We are a Supporting Member of Aspiring Solicitors, the leading diversity platform for individuals from underrepresented groups seeking a career in law, and we are working closely with Aspiring Solicitors to support their aims and objectives (including through events for Aspiring Solicitors candidates).  You can find out more about the firm’s Professional Ambassadors for Aspiring Solicitors here.
  • Everyone at the firm is undertaking training on diversity & equality law as well as inclusive behaviour and management training, in order to gain a greater understanding of our unconscious biases and how to challenge them.
  • We encourage and support the active challenge of unacceptable behaviour.
  • We are supporting Northridge team members to act as mentors to individuals from underrepresented groups, whether informally or through our partnerships with other organisations (such as Aspiring Solicitors).
  • We have removed minimum A-Level grades from our trainee recruitment requirements.