Northridge contributes to leading publication on sports law

Northridge partners James Eighteen, Jonathan Ellis, Ian Lynam and Jon Walters have authored chapters of the recently published 4th Edition of ‘Sport: Law and Practice’.  The publication is widely recognised as the leading legal title covering sports law and practice in the UK and at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Specific chapters co-authored by Northridge include:

  • Organisational Structures for Sports Governing Bodies and Competitions (Chapter A2; co-authored by Jon Walters (Northridge), James Maloney and Tom Bruce (Farrer & Co)).
  • Misconduct (Chapter B3; co-authored by James Eighteen (Northridge), Kendrah Potts (4 New Square) and Stuart Tennant (Premier League)).
  • Players’ Agents (Chapter F2; co-authored by Ian Lynam and Jonathan Ellis (Northridge) and Nick de Marco QC (Blackstone)).

To purchase a copy of ‘Sport: Law and Practice’, visit the Bloomsbury website.