Northridge announces membership of Aspiring Solicitors

Northridge has teamed up with Aspiring Solicitors, the leading diversity platform for individuals from underrepresented groups seeking a career in law, as a Supporting Member.

As part of this partnership, the firm ran an exclusive Insight Event in November 2020 for Aspiring Solicitors members to learn more about the firm, a career in sports law as well as what we mean by sports law.  Feedback gathered after the event suggested that the group found the event useful in understanding more about sports law and felt they would be more likely to apply for a career in sports law as a result.

Northridge is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment. To find out more about the firm’s aims and actions on this, visit our Inclusion page.

We’re excited to partner with Aspiring Solicitors to support our mutual aims and initiatives, including through our recent successful Insight Event exclusively for Aspiring Solicitors candidates.

It’s important to us that our diversity and inclusion commitments are backed up with meaningful actions.

Aspiring Solicitors have a strong track record in helping individuals from underrepresented groups start a career in law and we’re delighted that Northridge is a Supporting Member.

Ian Lynam