Fees for “Ordinary” Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal

Price Transparency Information

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has published Transparency Rules requiring firms to provide information to consumers in relation to certain legal services, including legal costs. The costing information listed below is not intended to be a quote and you should speak to one of our specialists to discuss further.

The information below provides an overview of our potential fees in bringing or defending claims for ‘ordinary’ unfair and wrongful dismissal in the Employment Tribunal.

Our fees

In handling these types of claims, we will assist you with the following:

  • Taking your initial instructions and reviewing the papers;
  • Assisting with any ACAS Early Conciliation;
  • Preparing a claim or response;
  • Reviewing and advising on a claim or response from the other party;
  • Managing correspondence and negotiations with the other party;
  • Preparing documents for the Tribunal, including any necessary applications and witness evidence;
  • Where applicable, instructing experts and other lawyers, including Counsel; and
  • Representing you at any Tribunal hearing.

Our fees are based on our hourly rates which will be discussed with you at the outset of the matter. The hourly charge out rates in our Employment Department range from £180 to £400 depending on the seniority of the individual involved in the case. Please note these fees are subject to yearly review. We will provide you with regular fee updates and will endeavour, where possible, to provide an estimate of our fees at the outset of the matter up to the date of any potential hearing.

Typical fee ranges for different levels of complexity are set out below. These figures exclude VAT, which is chargeable at 20%.

  • Simple case: £10,000 – £40,000
  • Medium complexity case: £40,000 – £70,000
  • High complexity case: £70,000 – £200,000

Circumstances that increase the complexity of a case include where:

  • Multiple witnesses or a large number of documents;
  • Dealing with claims from litigants in person;
  • The length of a hearing;
  • Any applications to review and deal with, including cost applications.

Third-Party Costs (Disbursements)

In addition to the fees above, you will be responsible for all third-party costs associated with the matter (“disbursements”).

The primary third party cost is Counsel’s fees, which are usually based on hourly rates which can range from £175 to £400 depending on the barrister’s experience and qualifications and the complexity of the case.  In certain claims, there may also be a requirement to obtain expert evidence, for example, from a medical specialist. Expert witnesses typically charge between £100 and £200 an hour, though their rates will vary depending on experience and specialisation.

Please note all prices for our fees and disbursements exclude VAT, which is chargeable at 20%.


The length of time it takes from receiving your initial instructions to a final resolution of a matter will be determined by the circumstances of the matter. Claims that are settled early could be concluded within a matter of weeks. However, claims that proceed to the Employment Tribunal could take between 6 – 24 months (based on current listing times and the substantial delays at the Employment Tribunal).

For further information, please contact one of our Employment team.