Case Study

Development of ‘easier to understand’ Rules of Racing

Northridge supported the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) in its landmark project to re-write its Rules of Racing, with the modernised Rules of Racing taking effect in September 2019.

The project was launched in late 2016, with the aim of making the old rules easier to understand and easier to access for both participants and the wider public.  The re-write was primarily focused on the format, presentation, and structure of the rules, rather than representing a wholesale change in the substance of the rules.  In terms of the scale of the project, the rules before the re-write ran to well over 1,000 pages; the new rules, by contrast, run to 228 pages.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in drafting (and re-drafting) sporting rules and regulations, Northridge supported the BHA throughout the re-write process, including during the consultation phase involving a wide range of stakeholder bodies within the sport.

The modernised rules provide a framework for the BHA to continue to lead the way in sports integrity.

"This has been a long and complex piece of work and I’d like to thank Northridge’s dedicated and experienced team for all the assistance they have provided, particularly James Eighteen, Ben Rees and Oliver Harland.

The result is a set of rules that are as clear and easy to understand as they have ever been, as well as being easily accessible online and through digital applications.

The new rules now stand as a prime example of BHA’s progressive approach to make regulation more transparent for our participants and the general public.”

Tim Naylor
Director of Integrity and Regulation, the British Horseracing Authority

“The Northridge team were delighted and proud to support the British Horseracing Authority in this important project for horseracing. It was a pleasure to work alongside the in-house team for what was a challenging but rewarding task.”

James Eighteen
Northridge partner